No More Crowding

Plan how many should attend your facility

After Covid19 lockdown you may plan to invite general public for any event, exhibition, your restaurant or clinic or any other business you run but you will have to restrict the number of people coming every hour or for every event keeping in mind the social distancing norms.

Automate it all with QuickPass!

Send a link to your guests asking them to register themselves for the event or to visit you. They do it on their mobile phones and generate their own passes in seconds. They then come with the screenshot or a print of the pass to your event. No more turning away of people who come to you and you regulate their entry!

Sign Up

Login to your Dashboard with ID and Password and enter your events

Generate Link

Forward event link to your prospective visitors with time slots

Pass Ready

Visitors select from available slots and generate a QuickPass

Direct Entry

They display the QuickPass at the entry to your volunteer

Lo! Their entry becomes so seamless!


Small Events



Pricing INR Rs.3000/year Rs.4500/year Rs.6500/year
Pricing USD USD 49.95/year USD 69.95/year USD 89.95/year
Dashboard Access img img img
Appointment Management No img img
Maximum Passes per event 200 500 Unlimited
Number of events Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Sponsor Logos on Pass No img img
* SignUp SignUp SignUp
Customisation can be done - Extra Charges will be quoted

Your Dashboard

View and manage your visitors

Additional Features: Make groups for visitors; Delete Invalid Passes

The Visitor Side Online Registration

Your visitors will visit the QuickPass site using the link provided by you
They enter their Mobile Numbers, Names, Group (if set by you) and Number of persons visiting
They click a button to generate the pass

The generated pass is displayed on the screen

They then take a print or a screen shot of this pass to display it at the entrance

How to Start Demo

You can fully check out how QuickPass works by trying our demo account.

Generate Demo Pass :

Generate your Dummy pass by clicking this link You will give a similar link to your clients or visitors via whatsapp or other means.

DashBoard Demo :

This is the server end that you will access via any web broswer and make changes to your profile or view bookings made. Login by clicking here Enter Userid : and Password : demo123

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